Celebrities in Mallorca

Michael Douglas
Mallorca is located in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Spain. This island has become a popular destination for party-goers and glamorous jet-setters. Celebrities seeking the luxury Mediterranean experience at a fraction of the cost should consider Mallorca as their destination of choice. The British frequent this destination most often and account for a majority of the tourism dollars generated. The Scandinavians, French, Swiss, and Irish are among the frequent visitors to the luxurious island. The climate is moderate and sunny in Mallorca. Three hundred days out of the year, the weather is sunny and pleasant.

Visitors find holidaying in Mallorca much more accommodating and spacious in a Spanish villa. Private villas often have access to yachts, golf and views of the Mediterranean. The marinas and Port Andratx are world-renown.

The real estate market in Mallorca is primed for investors. Villas are available for purchase and rental at an affordable rate. Many celebrity leaders have capitalized o­n the real estate in this area. Celebrities who have purchased a second home in Mallorca include:

• Catherine Zeta-Jones
• Annie Lennox
• Michael Douglas
• Claudia Schiffer
• Julian Lennon
• Michael Shumacher
• Cynthia Charles
• Boris Becker
• Felipe Gonzalez

The landscape and views are absolutely breathtaking, and the beaches are immaculate. Investors, guests, and visitors will all enjoy the peaceful and serene mountain range surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. The environment is safe and secure, as well as, beautiful. Most visitors will enjoy the laid back life style of Mallorca, and celebrities can often be found strolling around town in casual attire.

Boris Becker
Visitors seeking a relaxing vacation with the potential of some celebrity encounters should consider a villa in Mallorca. Villas offer privacy and luxury that a hotel space cannot accommodate. Consider a villa to make your next holiday retreat memorable.