Grand Canary

Dunes Maspalomas
Are you thinking about a holiday in Spain? Spain is known for it’s many vineyards and
world-class wines, delicious foods like gazpacho and paella, and renowned artists like
Picasso and Titian. Spain conjures up many images to travelers who visit this beautiful
country, including images of sun drenched beaches.

One of the most popular holiday destinations in Spain is the Canary Islands, a group of
seven islands located in the Atlantic Ocean about 100 miles off the coast of Africa. The
Canary Islands are volcanic islands, and although recently inactive, some of these
volcanoes are still active. From high above, the topography looks like dried-up prunes, but
this is hardly the case if you are visiting here. The islands are full of lush greenery and
palm trees, exotic rock formations, curving sand dunes, and surrounded by clean blue
waters and clear blue skies. Temperatures are pleasant all year, with average lows of 64
degrees, and average highs of 73 degrees.

Gran Canaria is the central island, and second most populated of the Canary Islands. It is
divided into twenty-one regions with quaint picturesque villages, beaches, cliffs and
different points of interest. Las Palmas is the Capital offering a variety of cultural events
including the Canary Islands Music Festival, and the famous Carnival of Las Palmas de
Gran Canaria that attracts tourists from around the world each February.

Roque del Saucillo
There are six islands that surround Gran Canaria (largest to smallest): Tenerife, Lanzarote,
Fueteventura, La Palma, La Gomera, El Hierro. It is relatively easy to visit any of these
islands from Gran Canaria by plane or ferry. Tenerife and Lanzarote have many vineyards;
Fueteventura is great for surfing due to tradewinds; La Palma is famous for its water
tunnels and observatories; and La Gomera is full of historical caves. El Hierro, the
smallest, least populated island, was o­nce thought to the the end of the world by
Europeans, but today it’s the first island in the world to become completely self-sufficient
in energy with a wind farm and two energy storing reservoirs.