Cala Fornels, Mallorca
The Spanish island of Mallorca is a very popular holiday destination and has a variety of extremely interesting places to explore and enjoy. o­ne of these is the Mediterranean seaport of Palma.

The most famous landmark in Palma is the Le Seu Cathedral. Antoni Gaudi supervised a restoration of this mosque which was begun in 1229 and took until 1601 to complete. This magnificent structure is a splendor to see both outside and inside with its high stained glass windows, a bishop's throne, a Gaudi-inspired crown of lights, and much more.

The medieval Beliver Castle sits high o­n a hill with spectacular views of yachts in the marina, the Cathedral, etc. Imagine being able to go through tunnels, secret staircases, seeing an ancient kitchen, and going o­nto look-out towers. There is also a display of Mallorca history and Roman artifacts.

The Arab Baths are comprised of o­nly two rooms in a small brick building, but they go back to the 11th century and represent o­ne of the few remaining remnants of the Moors. Most likely part of a nobleman's home, the twelve columns holding up a small room are reported to have been pillaged from a Roman building. Outside is a beautiful garden with birds, plants, and places to relax.

If you like to attend an entertainment event, the Son Amar Dinner Theater has continuous superlative acts including excellent music, a special effects light show, ballet, and other accomplished performers. The food is good and is served with premium wines.

Pujada a l Ofre
Sports are very popular in Mallorca, and football is the most important. Therefore there is a stadium for the Real Mallorca league team. Palma has also hosted a tennis event. Sea sports are found in many locations o­n the island.