Pyramides, Tenerife
With a massive 2034.38 square kilometers of land and 899,833 citizens, Tenerife, Spain, is not o­nly the largest of the seven Canary Islands, but it also has the highest population of the islands. But with over five million tourists visiting it a year, it is best to plan out portions of your trip ahead of time.

One fun activity to participate in is called the Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, where the people of Spain celebrate for nine days. o­n the first day, traditionally a Wednesday, a carnival queen is elected who leads a parade o­n the following Friday while wearing a costume weighing just over 150 pounds. o­n Saturday, everyone gathers in two plazas to dance to electronic music and have fun. Monday consists of more music, dancing, and parades. This is called "Lunes de Carnival" and lasts the entire day.

Tuesday marks the last day of the celebration portion of the nine days of carnival. Floats, groups, and the carnival queen parade throughout the city. Ash Wednesday is called "The Burial of the Sardine" where the citizens make giant sardines out of paper and mourn while they burn in the streets, often accompanied by people marching in groups while dressed as religious figures in mockery of the church.

El Burgado
Saturday of Piñata, the second to last day, is where everyone dances in three separate plazas throughout the island while music is played from noon until four. Sunday of Piñata, the very last day of the carnival, is started off by a vintage car contest. Later o­n in the day, fireworks are displayed throughout the island as a final farewell to the ceremony.

This is just the first of many more things to do and see, making Tenerife, Spain, is an excellent place to live.