Villas and Finca Rentals in Spain

Who wouldn't want to eat tapas, be in the moment, and take a long siesta for lunch? o­nly in our dreams can we think about sitting out all night drinking cafe con leche or beer at a small cafe in Madrid, Barcelona, or any other exciting and beautiful city in Spain! Some of the reasons to go to Spain are the architecture, art, museums, shopping, flamenco, running with the bulls, and the beaches. Imagine walking down a cobbled street in a Spanish village with shops, restaurants, cafes and the opportunity to sit back and watch people. Love the mountains? Take a hike. Love the beach? Lie topless o­n the coast. Love the city? Walk o­n the streets of Madrid. Don't forget to check out the unique architecture of Gaudi and the art by Salvador Dali!

Where could you stay if you decide to visit Spain? Some choices are Spanish Villas and Fincas. A Villa is a o­ne to three story house with a small amount of land. It is usually in a community near the coast and most likely has a swimming pool. A Finca is slightly different in that it is a country house o­n a private rural land or the countryside. If you like to get away from it all, a Finca is highly suggested. If you like peace and quiet, a Finca is for you! If you like more excitement and hustle and bustle, a Villa could be more your style. Don't forget to find a residence with a gorgeous view of the Mediterranean Sea, Africa, or the Pyrenees mountains.