Villas Rentals in Tenerife and Mallorca

Finca in Mallorca
Both Mallorca and Tenerife are popular holiday destinations for those seeking a relaxing and peaceful refuge. Each Spanish island provides visitors with amazing beaches, remarkable mountainous views, and stunning Spanish villas and fincas. Guests visiting these areas will find their visit unforgettable in the spacious and private Spanish accommodations.

Mallorca is the largest island in the Mediterranean off the coast of Spain. Nearly 15 million visitors tour each year to the experience the gorgeous Spanish beaches. The British comprise the majority of the visitors to this particular area. The capital of Mallorca is Palma. Palma is located o­n the south coast of the island and is home to over 400,000.

Tenerife is a Spanish island off the coast of Africa. The island is considered a part of the famous Canary Islands located in the Atlantic Ocean. Tenerife is a popular holiday destination boasting approximately 5 million tourists each year. While not as popular as Mallorca, the island has the busiest resort communities of all of the Canary Islands. Nearly 900,000 residents call Tenerife home. Tourism is the major stimulant of Tenerife’s economy. The British also comprise the largest number of visitors to this Spanish island.

The villas in Tenerife are affordable. Many can accommodate 5 or more individuals per night. Tenrife villas begin at £240 per week for families with panoramic views and short walks to the beach. Other villas cater to the more affluent crowd. Private villas with luxurious amenities and perks start at £900 per week.

Mallorca, o­n the other hand, caters to the celebrity crowd and can become slightly more expensive. However, these villas offer guests access to private beaches, private yachts, personal chefs, and a private masseuse. Guests who are accustomed to the high life and want to continue to live the high life would probably prefer Mallorca to Tenerife. However, both have a laid back and relaxing atmosphere.